SR MOULDTECH – An overview of our capability


Case and cover



Concept and assembly


Silicon Sleeve






Since its start as a SSI unit in 2008 in Coimbatore, SR MOULDTECH has been engaged in tool room services and manufacture of precision moulding components. Specializing in the Medical – Optical industry, SR Mouldtech caters to industries in medical, agro, textile, automotive and aerospace domains. Core products include plastic injection moulds, jigs & fixtures, pressure die casting dies, thermo set moulds, press tools, rubber moulds and machined components.

SR MOULDTECH keeps pace with the fast-growing business needs of its customers through continuous knowledge enhancement and investment in state-of-the-art design technologies.


To be the preferred partner for the supply of precision molded products


Quality audit process

Quality reinforcement studies

SR MOULDTECH conducts a number of studies to ensure that the final product is manufactured exactly as per specifications:
A few of our products….


Ophthalmology Lens loading tray        Acrylic tray              Mini surgical handle


 Poly carbonate tray                               Blister tray              Silicon sleeve


Stacking holder                                  Container Cork         Punch tool & Injector cap



            Dustcover                                       Pawl                   Case & Cover


        Vibrating pad                              Handle cover                           Disc

Supporto –I                    Supporto-II                          Supporto-III

Button                              Bearing cover


Thin wall container                         Lid                                              Spatula 


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